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Lace wigs Care

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

(We made the lace wigs by human hand,you can believe the quality of it.However

you can follow the advices below to avoid shedding.)

1.Do not touch the root of the wig when you take care of it.

2.Do not let the wig tie knot…3

1) wash your hair clean and dry it completely before applying the weave.

2) For manage ability,put each wor sparsely.

3) When washing, use gently running water, lightly rub hair and scaip.

4) To maintain curly hair or wet look, lightly apply gel mouses,or oil sheen,oil sheen is

not recommended for bonded hair, oil may cause weave to ship out.

5) when combing, always comb bottom of hair first and work your way up to the root.

6) when removing, please always consult your professional beautician.

7) for curly hair, do not brush when it is dry.

8) use large toothed comb or your fingers while hair is wet!

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Common Questions about lace wigs.

Sunday, July 14th, 2013
 A:I am very interested in it. also I have the following questions. 1. Does it have bleached knots?  2. what type of hairline does it have?  3. Can I wear a high ponytail?thank you!



B: Thank you for your questions. Answers for your questions:

1. Does it have bleached knots?

Yes, and also we just bleach the perimeter knots. Make it more natural looking. You know if bleach all the knots, it will have the shedding problem.So we we do not recommend bleach all the knots

2. what type of hairline does it have?

Now all our in stock wigs are natural hair line.Also if you do custom order, we can do other hair line for you. but needs to wait 4 weeks time

3. Can I wear a high ponytail?

Sure. It is full lace wig, You can do high ponytail. also it is free style, you can do any part you want.


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