Choose real human hair for you.

When it comes to real hair extensions, usually refers to real human hair, but how it is done are important for the quality and makes a big difference in price also. In some cases, you can find real hair extensions contain a mix of a human hair or synthetic hair or animal so that it is not worth what you buy and buy a reputable store or website is . The cheapest in the range of human hair extensions are available is left, the other end of Remy hair.

Disadvantages of artificial hair


What kind of real hair extensions that you choose, if you have hair that looks natural and is more natural. As a natural hair looks different from the synthesis. Synthetic hair tends to curl and how it reflects light to highlight, it also tends to frizz and knots and lost his live in general that can happen is a lot less with natural hair.


Real-time extensions may also like real hair is cut to make it look really like you want, and some of them.


Stripped of hair


Hair extensions human hair has fallen, which made the left over cutting and can not be long and of lower quality in general. Obviously it is much cheaper, and is, however, purchased for small rooms. In other extensions, the hair should grow by the person who purchased and were able to cut their hair very short or sell complete, and therefore the costs are much higher.


Often used in Asian hair extensions in real time, as is often thicker and much less likely to brake or curling, but is still available in a variety of colors. Hair extensions has already been bleached in the majority of cases, and then added color, so that a range of natural colors natural and less can be added, including blond and red. The range of colors, but perhaps slightly less than the synthetic one, but if it’s a natural look as you want, then this is not a problem, high quality hair extensions of man should be the same color as your own hair available.


Virgin hair or treated


Virgin hair is also available, which are not colored or conditioned in any way this can be of Asiatic origin, or other thicker hair, or that you want or the style of silky hair. Transformed hair, however, can have many different chemicals for bleaching and the condition being treated, but which will remove the meaning cuticle that does not last long.


If it’s curly or wavy hair, then hair extensions are real by far the best option. It is difficult to make synthetic natural curls or waves and curls will be lost rapidly in use. With human hair extensions natural curly or wavy hair extensions are available and how to use color, you will find a wide variety of curls and waves of different levels to find the line with your hair, if that’s what you want.


Remy Hair


As mentioned above must be available as Remy the better the actual type of hair extension. Remy from a human head is removed and each frame is structured, it was originally so that all the roots and cuticles in the same direction, which was more natural. Remy for this should be close to the scalp. Most remy hair eastern and often is empty and, in such a way that the cuticle remains intact, but can be of any type. The term is often abused in real-time extensions Remy hair so it pays to buy what you do.


You can use hair extensions real short-term, and the clip in hair extensions, but is more popular for a long-term use, and where it is knitted or woven in. This is because human hair extensions last longer, but also because they look more natural in the context of your hair

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