You should know about Choosing Your Hair Extensions


It has never happen to look great in a few minutes the possibilities, right? Really, do not worry. What you need are caused hair extensions, the latest fashion, hair accessories landscape.

These extensions are available in different shades, textures and sources. There are also different types of fixing their hair extensions. You can weave, braid, a bond or a clip on the expansions.

Clip-on or clip-in. These are the hair extensions with micro-clips on one end that allows you to enable the development to the hair clip. You can save money if you click on the clip itself accessories. The task requires proper treatment by a professional hairdresser.

Lichens. Some are equipped with hair extensions and micro-clips were woven with your hair, hence the name “lichen”. Note that there are different ways to braid hair. It should be a professional hairdresser can perform a variety of ways.

Bonding. Other techniques for the hair extensions require the use of glue on one end extensions, so that the tip remain firmly glued to the hair roots. The process is called binding. Bonding is as simple as setting a false eyelash to the eyelid. Removing hair extensions is simple, but you must use an adhesive remover specially designed for this purpose.

Weaving is the most popular method of connecting hair extensions. You must use your natural hair to the tracks where you have someone to weave or sew the hair extensions to create. To obtain satisfactory results, it is important that the tracks to perform as close as possible to the scalp. Because the hair extensions to hide their hair, experts recommend this method if it is severely damaged hair.

Fusion. Some hair extensions may be others after the “glue gun” method are appropriate. Extensions are attached to your hair with a hot glue gun. The hot glue is then applied to the extensions connected to the hairline. This method is laborious and can take several hours of your time. He recently developed a new method called “cold fusion”. This method uses a keratin polymer to attach extensions to the root of your hair. This method is more delicate hair and using the hot glue is no longer necessary.

Hair extensions pre-tilt with a small amount of glue is already connected to one end attached extensions marketed. Then attach the extensions using a special applicator.

Ring X. If you are looking for a fairly modern technology, there is no ring of X. Small metal rings at one end of the lock is placed. Around the rings to tie your hair, you need a special tool.

Keep in mind that the clip-on technique is something you can do without the risk of damage to your hair or your extension hair. Clip-on extensions are easy to maintain and easier. For the remaining part of the methods, however, it is preferable that one leaves the job for a professional hairdresser

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